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Exerciser For Everyone & Great For Avoiding Stubborn Chronic Pain


Mr Brian Chang

Born in 1943 and has founded many different businesses. This is what he said - I strongly believe that i-SPiN is one of life-changing innovation. He has not suffered any aches or pain ever since he took up i-SPiN.

Ispin Exercise by Angelina Pradana

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Spin 10 Minutes A Day To Stay Healthy & Strong

I am 75 years old. I use I-Spin every day for 5 minutes and I have no pain. - Annie

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I been building up deep secondary muscles through I-Spin instead of going to the gym. Since April 2021, I never had any injury. It is a perfect tool for the warm up before the core exercise. - Richard Zhou -

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5 benefits of I-Spin

1. 10 minutes a day

2. Suitable for all ages

3. Builds your secondary muscles

4. Avoid pain through consistent exercise

5. Exercise your whole body at your comfort place [Alone / Group] - Light and easy to carry around

What caused you to be in pain?

Your deep secondary muscles are left untouched. You should begin exercising on your secondary muscles to strengthen your foundations and live a pain-free life.

Clive Geddes

I started I-Spin 3 years ago and have enjoyed a pain-free life. Many of my New Zealand friends take up I-Spin with great results too.


Our Youngest I-Spinner

Doing I-Spin at Your Comfort Place