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I-Spin Premium

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Estimated Duration for Delivery:

Local Delivery : 3-7 working days 

Overseas Delivery : 3 weeks to 1 month

(Subjected to delay due to shipping logistic)  

Product Specification: 

I-Spin Bag

Material: Silicone | Weight 292g | Volume: 1.9L 
Temperature: -45°C - 150°C
Max. Diameter: 141mm | Height: 233mm

Seal Property: Screw type with Rubber Seal

I-Spin Handle

Material: Silicone  | Weight 175g | Property: Ergonomically Human Hand Fitted

I-Spin Rope

Material: Braided Nylon | Breaking Strength: >400kg
Diameter: 6mm | Effective Length: About 1.5m

Safety Instruction:
  1. Keep the product in a dry and ventilated place
  2. Avoid keeping the product at a temperature more than 40 ℃ or lower than 20℃
  3. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  4. Recommended to clean the product with wet cleaning tissue if it is slightly dirty; to use toothpaste and rinse with water if it is heavily dirty. 
  5. Stop using the product and contact your local seller immediately if

(a) Crack is found on the product

(b) Leakage

(c) Rope Chaffed

Safety Use: 

  1. Recommend to practice in open space 
  2. Avoid practicing at the people-crossing place 
  3. Do not use to attack people