#1: Which ages are suitable for I-Spin?

I-Spin is suitable for ALL ages. 

#2: How many times a day should I do I-Spin?

You should exercise 2-3 times a day 

#3: How much time should I commit to each practice session?

Recommended 5-10 minutes per session. You can go for a longer period of time if you are physically healthy enough.

#4: What are the muscles that I-Spin focuses on? 

We believe that our muscles is a unified system and must be treated as one. I-spin focuses on secondary muscles that are tethered to the core muscles rather than the core muscles themselves.

#5: Does I-Spin provide a warranty? 

Yes, we have a 5-years warranty. Terms and conditions applies. 

#6: When should I stop using I-Spin?

You should stop as soon as you feel it is becoming excessive.

#7: What are the benefits of using I-Spin? 

I-Spin is 100% patented, takes only 5 minutes to learn, and only requires 10 minutes per day to strengthen your secondary muscles. 

#8: If I am experiencing pain now, can I still use I-Spin?

No, we do not recommend you to use I-Spin when you are having pain.

#9: Is there a guarantee that using I-Spin will aid with pain relief? 

Yes, we are convinced that by strengthening your secondary muscles over time, you will be able to avoid pain in the future.

#10: Can I be a reseller for I-Spin?

Yes, you can get in touch with our team at admin@i-spin.com.

#11:  I am 40 years old and had been diligently exercising in the gym for many years. Why do I still have muscle pain and they don’t go away? 

Our muscles are a unified system and must be treated as one. When you do gym, it focuses on the core muscles and neglected the secondary muscles hence you will experience long-term pain. As the secondary muscles atrophy with time, they will fail to meet daily demands and pain will happen. Since no exercises are done to improve secondary muscles they continue to atrophy and suffer pain. Only Tai Chi and I-Spin can cover the full spectrum of secondary muscles. You need to build up secondary muscles. 

#12: What makes our I-Spin unique? 

There is no equivalent exerciser in this world. It is the only whole-body exerciser for all ages, and it helps you live a healthy, pain-free life.

#13: Does our I-Spin have any trademarks, copyrights and patent? 

Yes, our I-Spin has trademarks, copyrights and patented.